(So Irresistible they sell themselves)

Popcorn Revolution has created a special line up of products that make it easy for anybody to raise funds! Whether you’re a school trying to raise money for supplies, a company raising money for a charity, or a sports team raising money
for a tournament; popcorn is an easy and fun product to sell. Plus we have flavours for every palate and nutritional profiles to match!


  • Made fresh to order every time
  • No minimum order
  • 40% Profit ($4 profit per bag sold)
  • No Up-Front Cost
  • For Small or Large Groups of 10+
  • Locally owned. We live in Parksville, our shop is in Parksville and we spend our money on Vancouver Island.
  • Popcorn has a long shelf life. It can be stored up to 2 months if stored properly in a cool/dry environment.
  • 5 Delicious Flavors
  • No Minimums
  • Your group receives Free Shipping when you sell $1,000 retail or more of Gourmet Popcorn. It’s easy – a small group of 20 participants has to sell only 5 units each to get free shipping.
  • Popcorn is fun! Let’s face it, everybody loves popcorn. And with all the awesome flavours we have to choose from, chances are there is something for everyone’s taste.

Have a popcorn day

Pre order our single serving popcorn bags and sell them at school  during your nutrition break. With 5 flavors to choose from we  guarantee we will have something that everyone loves. 

We sell the bags to you for $2.50 and we recommend that you sell  them at school for $ 4.00 

Free delivery in the Oceanside area. 

Nutritional Facts are not on the bags however all of our nutritional info  can be printed conveniently from our website or emailed by request. 

Bulk it up.

Super simple… Buy a party bag of popcorn and package it yourself. By  bagging it yourself in one to two cup servings and selling them for $2.00  you could make up to as much as $200.00 per bag. Great for school  movie nights or to sell in the canteen. Best of all you don’t have to take  all day popping your own corn and cleaning up the popcorn machines  after! 

Please allow up to five days to prepare order. 

How Does the Popcorn Revolution Fundraiser Work?

  1. Order – Distribute the Popcorn Revolution order-forms to each fundraising participant – they’re FREE of charge! 
  2. Have your group members show the order-forms to friends, family, neighbors, and or co-workers and invite them to purchase 1 or more bags of popcorn. (Note: Your participants will collect the funds up front, and will take note of their supporter’s name and mailing address  on the order form included). 
  3. Collect all of the order-forms and all funds raised from your group members, at the end of your fundraiser. 
  4. Place your product order with us by completing and submitting the Order Form online or by email, and forwarding payment by e-transfer. 
  5. Popcorn Revolution will ship/deliver the entire order to you, so your group can distribute the products to your supporters. 

Safety Tip 

Please ensure that no minor goes fundraising door-to-door alone. If  they choose to go door-to-door, they need to be in two’s or three’s,  and or with an adult.

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